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  • Tiling, Paving & Concreting
  • Turfing, Drainage & Irrigation
  • Pool, Perimeter & Enclosure Fencing
  • Feature & Retaining Walls
  • Decking, Pergolas & Gazebos
  • Feature Designs

Expression Landscaping offers a range of landscaping services on the gold coast including renovations, new landscapes, innovative solutions and gardening to meet all your needs.

The benefits of structural landscaping are numerous. Property slopes and shapes can be vastly improved through structural landscaping resulting in a more practical space. Stunning outdoor spaces that create an effortless flow from your house to yard become possible. A combination of landscape solutions paired with a personalised design can completely change the way you use your property.

Need a landscape solution and design and cannot find it on our website? We specialise in personalised landscaping solutions because we know every project is different, contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

Tiling, paving and concreting

Gold Coast Lanscapers
Tiling and paving are a fantastic solution for your outdoor living areas. They are easy to maintain, affordable and versatile. Tiling and paving can be used to create outdoor living spaces and stunning landscape features. They can create practical spaces in your landscape to enhance the ease of your everyday living. Through Expression Landscaping, you can quickly add colour, contrast and design to your outdoor areas. The versatility of these materials means there are no limitations to your project.

Concreting is the foundation of many landscape solutions due to its durable and reliable nature. Expression Landscaping believes you should receive quality, long lasting landscaping and will therefore not cut corners when helping you select a landscape solution. Providing you with a solid foundation is a priority to us.
Tiling, Pool Coping, Pool Area

Feature and retaining walls

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Feature and Retaining Walls can be an asset to your landscape design.  There are many design options available when considering retaining walls. Let us know if you prefer modern, geometric or natural appeal and we can help you select materials to suit you.

Our designs help practically shape your property for optimal use. Depending on your needs, we can design walls that create contrast and separate living areas or effortless flow through your outdoor space. Feature walls with stunning gardens can significantly improve the visual appeal of your outdoor spaces. We can help you select plants that will thrive in their new conditions and add to the appeal of your property.
Retaining Walls, Garden Beds

Turfing, drainage and irrigation

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Turfing is a pet and child-friendly, visually pleasant solution to landscaping your yard. We can recommend turf that best suits your needs. Turf also has the added benefit of improving your health and family lifestyle as it acts as a natural filter. Expression Landscaping also offers garden edging to create a contrasting frame for your lawn.
Expression Landscaping's experience in landscaping ensures we are able to identify any drainage or irrigation solutions you may need. We are able to use drainage and irrigation systems to improve your turf's health and ease of living. When considering your project, we will ensure we limit possibilities of water damage to your landscape by identifying and tending to drainage issues.
Turfing, Gold Coast Landscapers

Pool, perimeter and enclosure fencing

Gold Coast Lanscapers
Fencing does not need to take away from your property appearance, but can enhance it. With careful design, placement and material choice, your fencing can become a stunning feature in your landscape.

We offer a range of pool, perimeter and enclosure fencing solutions including glass, aluminum, timber and more.
All our fencing solutions adhere to compliance regulations and will ensure you do not run into additional costs later!
Let us know what purposes you are seeking fencing for, whether they be compliance, identifying boundaries, security and/or privacy and we can help you design a fence that is both visually appealing and meets all your needs.
Retaining Walls, Landscaping

Decking, pergolas and gazebos

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Decking creates the flow of indoor-outdoor living that is also a practical and durable choice. It is a stunning feature that adds value to your property and enhances your lifestyle. Pergolas and Gazebos ensure your outdoor living is not weather dependent. Expression Landscaping can create a practical outdoor space for entertaining or just a stunning space for you to take time out to relax.
Decking, Pool Area, Timber

Feature Designs

Gold Coast Lanscapers
Your landscaping solutions are not the only thing considered in creating a beautiful yard. We offer landscaping features to add a little bit extra to your outdoor space. Whether it be garden edging, decorative gravel, a structural design or screening, Expression Landscaping does it all.

Our design consultation will build our idea of your lifestyle, interests and taste and we build your whole design around this. Even the smallest design choices can have a huge overall impact on the way your landscaping looks and feels.
Have a particular design in mind? Not a problem! Email us with your ideas and/or pictures and we can help you bring these ideas to life.
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Gardening and lawn services

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At Expression Landscaping, we understand that your landscaping experience does not end when your project is completed. Therefore, we offer a full gardening and lawn service for our clients so you save your personal time and maintain the beauty of your landscape, including;

Garden maintenance (fertisiling, mulching, trimming, weeding, hedging)

Property maintenance (removal of litter, improving soil and turf health, mowing, whipper snipping)
Rock Wall, Retaining Wall
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