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Understanding Pricing

What will my landscaping cost?

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When considering a landscape project, we recognise that a significant part of your personalised experience is understanding your budget. As every project is unique and personalised to you it is difficult to produce a price before our design consultation. However, if you contact Expression Landscaping and provide us with your budget, we are able to cater materials and design options to suit you.

Another consideration is to ensure you have received a quote that includes all aspects of your landscaping. Expression Landscaping does not have any hidden costs that will drive up the overall price of your landscaping project.

We only use quality materials with every project and therefore will not recommend options that will lose you time and money. However, our knowledge in the field can help you select high quality choices that suit your budget.

Budget considerations that may be helpful

Gold Coast Lanscapers
Expression Landscaping does not charge for design consultations at any time during your project, however some landscapers do. It is best to contact them directly to ensure you are aware of all costs up front. In addition, the complexity of your design and property structure can change your landscaping price.
If you are requiring additional features such as fencing, drainage etc., your budget may increase if you are hiring multiple companies and tradesmen to complete your landscaping. Expression Landscaping can assist by offering a complete service so you do not have to juggle multiple tradesmen at your property.
This refers to all horticultural elements of your landscaping and your budget is impacted by which plants you select and how many you require. We will ensure all elements of your garden are suitable and long lasting.
Most landscaping projects include some form of hardscaping and price varies according to the works you would like. Choosing between tiling, paving, decking, retaining walls and other structures is an individual choice and we can assist you in this decision.
Scale & Access

The more complex and the larger your landscaping is, the costlier. Considerations such as access will also impact your price. Simple landscaping projects will be much more cost effective then large scale whole backyard renovations.


The greater focus on quality finish, the greater time will be spent completing your project. This will impact your labour costs for a landscaper. Expression Landscaping only deals with quality tradesmen and professionals and therefore will not cut corners to rush the finish of projects. We budget for our projects to ensure you receive landscaping in a timely manner that does not impact your quality finish.
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